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Megan Wells Storytelling Recordings

For a schedule of Megan’s live programs, visit our events calendar.

If you missed any of the programs, you can view recordings by clicking the links below.  Available through August 31.

Firebird! The Scandinavian Myth of the Midnight Sun

Password: 9h^L8An#

Stories of a magical bird appear in every culture. This mythical Phoenix of old, rises from it’s own ashes and heals with tears. National touring and award winning Megan Wells has written this story experience as an adaptation of Firebird mythology, northern european folklore and the extended summer sunlight that holds over the luscious land of Sweden. Touring nationally to festivals and Shakespeare stages, Firebird is a delighting colorful experience reimagined in the creative ZOOM ROOM. Let your imagination rise from the ash of quarantine!


A Mythical Tour

Password: 6A$!j1.E

Why does the Sun rise? What makes a moon? Corn is sweet because … ? In every culture, on every continent, people explain the deep meanings felt in our natural world by making stories. The World speaks to us, not in words, but in the senses. This Mythical tour brings awake the many voices captured and inherited in our world mythology. In the hands of experienced Master Storyteller Megan Wells, the characters come alive, the colors rivet the inner eye and the humorous shenanigans of animals, tricksters and Gods are food for dreams. Join us in the ZOOM ROOM for a mythical tour.

Gods and Monsters

Password: 00p9!HzF

Big and unreal — our imagination needs creatures larger than life to explain universal values and experiences.  Even the original Storytellers of ancient times knew as they wove these tales that Gods and Monsters, though not real were vital to the balance of community.  Our lives are inspired by our stories and dreams.  Our fears are conquered by our courage to face the unknown.  More than any other narrative form, these stories of Gods and Monsters allow us to practice bravery in our imaginations so we might be stronger in the day to day world.  Join Master Storyteller in the ZOOM ROOM to experience big stories old as time.

Helen’s Troy

Password: w*FEUD8$

The Trojan War is mythic.  Was there a real war on the shores of the Aegean Sea?  Archaeologists have found evidence.  Over time, the true battles, whatever they originally were, became woven with the stories of Gods into a tapestry so unforgettable, the phrase “Trojan horse” carries meaning even to this day.  This masterful adaptation by Megan Wells has toured nationally to rave reviews.  Bringing alive the great characters from Homer’s Iliad, Megan makes three dimensional the character of Helen of Troy – the face that launched a thousand ships …. in a ZOOM ROOM!