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Book Club Kits

The Westmoreland Library Network provides over 100 book discussion kits for Libraries and other community-based book discussion groups.  Each kit contains at least 10 copies of a single title, biographical information about the author, selected reviews, suggestions for discussion, and general information for book groups and readers.

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Helpful FAQs:

How can I reserve a book kit?
Any community-based book discussion group may request a kit through its local library, which will then reserve the kit by providing the WLN office with the date the book kit should arrive at the library and the book discussion date. WLN will do its best to make arrangements for any special circumstances. Or, you may contact WLN directly at 724-420-5638 to reserve your kit.

How long may a book discussion kit be kept?
Kits may be borrowed for up to 8 weeks at a time.  The kits are not renewable and fines are .25 per day.  Replacement fees will be charged for lost items.

What happens if I lose the book kit?
The replacement cost for a WLN book kit is different for each kit. In the event that a complete book kit is lost, the borrower will be responsible for the replacement cost of the books and container.

What if I only lose one book out of the kit?
The borrower is responsible for the cost of the item which is entered in the item record of the item plus a $3 processing fee.